Top 4 Reasons to Travel with Your Family (and Top 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t)

It’s time for another “Top” list at “A Lady and her Luggage”! So without further ado, here is my Top 4 Reasons to Travel with Your Family:

Costa Rica - April 2013

Costa Rica – April 2013

  • You’re comfortable with them – Have you ever travelled with people you weren’t comfortable with? It tends to open a lot of cans of worms. (Hello uncomfortable bathroom situations!) Your family is already aware that you look like the Joker when you first wake up in the morning, so there’s no surprises there.
  • It’s good to get away together – Family vacations are sweet; it’s so much fun to travel together, experiencing something other than ordinary home life.
  • Sharing memories and reliving the trip – Family vacation albums are just waiting to be purchased and filled with loads of pictures that that one person annoyingly took the entire time, forcing you to stand in front of every landmark and put on your best smile.
  • Building bonds – Strengthening those good old family ties is time well spent.
    Disney World - November 2011

    Disney World – November 2011

Top 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t:

  • You’re comfortable with them – Stepping outside your comfort zone and getting “comfortable” with someone other than your family is good for you, or even just being more comfortable by yourself as a solo-traveler.
  • It’s good to get away from each other – Remember that time you were so mad at your sister/brother/parent/significant other/child you just wanted to get away from them? A vacation is a good excuse to.
    Disney World - January 2014

    Disney World – January 2014

  • You’ll have someone to brag about your adventures to back home – Reliving family vacations is great and all, but having someone who is forced to listen to you blab about your travels for hours back home can be even better.
  • Build bonds with yourself – Solo-travel, whether it be completely on your own or with a group of people you’ve never met, can be great to figure out more about yourself and grow as a person.
    Lviv, Ukraine - September 2008

    Lviv, Ukraine – September 2008

There you have it. What’s your favourite argument for (or against) family travel?

London, England - September 2015

London, England – September 2015

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