Winter Packing Ideas for Scotland

Winter packing tips for Scotland

This was my first winter trip, so I knew I had to pack carefully with all those bulky clothes. I managed to really coordinate my outfits. I am so glad I’ve started to have a capsule wardrobe, as it makes packing so much easier! Everything mixes so well, it’s hard to go wrong.

Packing for Scotland in my London Fog Luggage.

I started with basics: the few bottoms I have, my winter over-layers, and shoes. I picked up these fantastic rain shoes and warmer rain coat just for the trip. They ended up being what I wore almost every day.

My daily go-to wear.

I knew I wanted to pick up a new wool coat while I was there, so I left some room for that. I grabbed my favourite scarves, and then started to add mid- and base- layers. One thing I wished I had done was pack less mid-layers and taken another jacket or two. Even though it wasn’t that cold, we were outside most of the day so in pictures you can’t see anything but our outer-layers. Just a warmer jacket would have done just fine, and given my outfit more variety in photos.

Thick mid-layers – Wish I had more photos in these cozies!

If you really need to pack light, I’d say forgo mid-layers entirely and just pack a really good warm coat, and pack those warm insulated base layers that take up little room in your bag. Warm socks were awesome to have on the chilliest days, but weren’t entirely necessary. Maybe it’s because I’m from Canada, but I didn’t wear my mittens and hat as often as I thought I would, but maybe it was because Scotland was having a rather warm winter. We walked everywhere, and since we never wound up going back to the hotel before dinner, I didn’t make use of the high heels and LBD I packed.

LBD from Winners and Aldo heels.

My cross-body bag was the perfect size, and we never used a backpack as it suited our needs just fine. My boyfriend noted that he never wore his boot cut jeans, as the hems got wet and dirty very easily on the uneven ground. Europeans where slim fit pants very sensibly. I believe he also would have liked to pack less mid-layers. Bring those insoles because walking everywhere is so much more scenic (and cost-effective) than taking transit. A good pair of black leggings and a cozy sweater dress can never go wrong; it’s good for day and night, and is very comfortable.

Cozy sweater dress from Winners, Zara scarf, Browns boots, and Lucky Brand Jeans.

There is your little look into what I packed for our trip to Scotland this December. Is there anything you would add or take away?


  1. January 11, 2017 / 2:55 am

    I’ve never thought about how much a capsule wardrobe would really help with packing! It would be so easy to just pack half of your capsule and go. I agree with your idea about bringing more coats. I hate looking the same in every photo!

    xx Victoria

    • cak95
      January 13, 2017 / 7:02 pm

      Yes, it makes a world of a difference! Haha – good to know others feel the same.

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