The Tartan Weaving Mill in Edinburgh

Loom at the Tartan Weaving Mill

Some of the historical pieces you can see at the Tartan Weaving Mill – Scotland 2016

The Tartan Weaving Mill is not hard to miss near the castle on the hill. Here is the google map location, just in case (Derek and I definitely thought it was one of the small random shops along the Royal Mile, and we were underwhelmed, until we found the real one)! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it certainly did not disappoint. The place, to say the least, was enormous.

Tartan Weaving Mill in Scotland

The view from the top floor of the Tartan Weaving Mill – Scotland 2016

There were many floors of cashmere and wool, along with a real working mill in the basement.

A working weaving mill in Scotland

The basement of the Tartan Mill – Scotland 2016


Derek and I couldn’t help but pick up a few gifts for people back home (and ourselves). We ventured to the top floor for lunch – soup and a bun. The soup was very delicious and just what we needed to warm up. My favourite purchase from the mill had nothing to do with fabric at all! It was our beloved Highland Cow head. Isn’t it cute?

Highland Cow wooden sculpture

The Highland Cow sculpture from the Tartan Mill – Scotland 2016

You can order a Highland Cow sculpture (as well as other beautiful home decor items) for your own home here. Pictured above is a glimpse of a tartan throw from the Tartan Mill! Other than that, there was enough tartan in our suitcases to last a lifetime. I would highly recommend stopping by this shop for a souvenir if you are in Edinburgh.

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