The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

We waited in the basement of the Scotch Whisky Experience, sipping on the most delightful whisky hot chocolate.

When it was time for our tour, we went back to the lobby to begin our tour. A humorous British lad sent us on our way on a theme park style ride to learn about the history and makings of Scotch Whisky. Once finished, he led us to a room to taste four types of whisky – Highland, Lowland, Speyside, and Islay.

different types of Scotch

Four different types of whisky – Scotland 2016

He taught us how to drink whisky like a pro – although he advised we should really drink it however we like. It’s about enjoyment, am I right? My personal favourite was the Speyside, but the Islay had a certain amount of smokiness that reminded me of childhood campfires.

Scotch tasting

The Scotch Whisky tasting experience – Scotland 2016

After the shots of whisky had warmed our belly’s, our guide took us through a room with the largest collection of whisky in the world. It was impressive to say the least.

The largest collection of Scotch

Part of the largest collection of whisky in the world – Scotland 2016

Whisky collection

The best bottles in the collection – Scotland 2016

Dinner was next. Derek and I sampled a few Scottish favourites, including haggis. Haggis has become a treasured dish for me. I must learn to make it for my Canadian friends!

Scottish specialty food

Sampling of Scottish favourites – Scotland 2016

To finish the night off: dessert with a shot of whisky.

Scottish dessert

The Scottish dessert – Scotland 2016

Even though the Scotch Whisky Experience could be regarded as a very expensive and touristy attraction, it was extremely impressive. I am glad we started our Scotland tour with it, as it gave an inside into the cuisine of this wonderful country.

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