Off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh (Grassmarket & Other Streets)


Grassmarket, Edinburgh – Scotland 2016

After our visit to Dean Village, Derek and I headed to Grassmarket, and had lunch at Fiddlers Arms. It was an alright touristy place to eat. The haggis with mashed tatties was said to be there specialty, but there was nothing special about it. I will say though, if you are very hungry and in need of a lot of food, go here because the portions were quite large.

Fiddlers Arms in Grassmarket

Fiddlers Arms – Scotland 2016

Grassmarket itself is an interesting street, as it used to be a historic marketplace. We saw a sign advertising Edinburgh’s oldest pub, we walked in, but not a seat could be found.

The streets surrounding there, between Grassmarket, Victoria Street, Cowgate, Candlemaker Row, and George IV Bridge are steeped in history. Take a look at the link I’ve posted below to hear the best tales of it. There’s plenty to eat, shop, see, and learn.

I loved Victoria Street best, and, most notably, it had the most magical lights. Victoria Street is well known for providing JK Rowling with inspiration for Diagon Alley, there, I fell in love with one shop in particular on this street, CONTEXT Interiors.

Victoria Street near Grassmarket

Victoria Street, Edinburgh – Scotland 2016

Next we walked to Princes Street and did some shopping; I picked up a new winter coat, which I wore for the majority of the trip. The shopping here is very modern and not so touristy, with lots of big box stores. It was a Friday night, and Edinburgh’s Christmas Market was in full swing. We headed there next…

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Edinburgh Christmas Market – Scotland 2016

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