Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

Edinburgh's Christmas Market

Arriving at Edinburgh’s Christmas Market – Scotland 2016

Arriving at Edinburgh’s Christmas Market was such a magical moment for me. I had been waiting to see a European Christmas Market for so long. The atmosphere was wonderful: the lights twinkled, carols echoed, and food wafted towards us. Gluhwein was being sold from stands, as well as Christmas goodies and trinkets. A giant ferris wheel towered above all, and a Christmas tree maze sparkled from below.

 Edinburgh Christmas Market

The rides at Edinburgh’s Christmas Market – Scotland 2016

Christmas Carousel

Carousel at the market – Scotland 2016

Mulled Wine

Enjoying a gluhwein – Scotland 2016

Derek and I stopped for mulled wine and Christmas beer. I savoured my first few sips of the delicious and hot beverage; it was like nothing I had tasted before. It stained my lips and teeth a little, but it was worth it! We further explored the market, stopping at each stall to look at the Christmas decor. I found the cutest little house with a chimney that smoked when you light a tea light inside and had to get it for my grandmother back home.

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Rows of stands – Scotland 2016

Edinburgh's Christmas Market

Twinkling lights at the Christmas Market – Scotland 2016

Scottish Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath stall – Scotland 2016

Michael Bublé Christmas albums were playing throughout the festival. I begged Derek to take me through the Christmas tree maze for some Holiday-themed fun. Our time to leave came too soon. I will always treasure the memories from my first European Christmas Market.

Christmas Tree Maze

The Christmas Tree Maze – Scotland 2016

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