Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park

I needed to get away from it all, I yearned to breath the mountain air, I wanted to escape to snowy white perfection. After much research, I found the perfect place that met my desires: Emerald Lake Lodge. A place that promised an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everything, including cell service, it did not disappoint. Seeing as they were having a weekday deal through to the end of May, I jumped on the opportunity for a visit. Never having spent time in the Rockies during the winter, I was feeling the need to check that off my list.

Yoho National Park

Driving in Yolo National Park – Emerald Lake January 2017

Off to Yoho National Park we went. Noticing the lack of snow in Banff due to the warm spell we’d been having that week across Alberta concerned me, but as soon as we crossed the Alberta-British Columbia border my worries were put to rest. (Side note – climate change seems to be very evident this winter). Piles of powdery white snow were prevalent alongside Highway 1, covering the tops of the evergreens and mountains. The fence posts along the highway each had a dollop of snow; it looked rather humorous, like their own little winter toque. Taking the turn-off slightly after the small mountain town of Field, BC, we followed the scenic and winding mountain road to our final destination. After parking our car in the overnight lot, we took the shuttle provided with our bags to the main lodge.

Emerald Lake Lodge

Cilantro on the Lake – Emerald Lake January 2017

snowy mountain cabin

The road off of the island – Emerald Lake January 2017

The first view of the “island” (it’s actually a peninsula, but as it’s so secluded, it’s befitting of its island title) was just straight from a Pinterest picture (look them up –  they get a lot of customers from those pictures!). We entered into the beautifully rustic mountain lodge, with an exquisite panorama of the the surrounding mountains and lake covered in deep snow just outside the front door. The lodge was a cozy refuge from the cold.

Rustic mountain lodge

The wrap around veranda – Emerald Lake January 2017

Emerald Lake Lodge

Inside the cozy lodge – Emerald Lake Lodge January 2017

Emerald Lake Lodge

Inside the Lodge – Emerald Lake January 2017

After checking in, we found our cabin. A rustic retreat welcomed us inwards, complete with a standard wood burning fireplace and balcony overlooking the lake. I’m sure the view of emerald water would have been extraordinary in summer, but I happily took the snowy view instead.

mountain cabin

The door to our cabin – Emerald Lake January 2017

Rustic mountain cabin

Our cabin – Emerald Lake January 2017

Rustic mountain cabin

The bathroom – Emerald Lake January 2017

Rustic mountain cabin

Our cabin – Emerald Lake January 2017

For dinner that evening, we chose to enjoy a delectable Canadian meal at the Mount Burgess Dining Room within the lodge (It’s strongly recommended to make reservations!). The promise of the wide selection of free-range meat was enticing. While I immediately jumped at the opportunity for a Lamb Duo, Derek chose Elk Striploin. Neither meat dish disappointed, and both had certainly enough protein to fill out belly’s.

Lamb duo dinner

The Lamb Duo at the Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake 2017

Satisfied, we headed back to our room. The darkness enveloped the island, not in a frightening sort of way, but sort of like a goodnight hug from earth. The stars (and the warmly lit lanterns) were twinkling brightly against the dark winter landscape.


Icicles on our balcony – Emerald Lake January 2017

rustic screen door

The door to the balcony – Emerald Lake January 2017

After a hearty nights sleep, we were back at the Burgess Dining Room for brunch. Eggs Benedict for me, and the Mixed Grill for Derek.

Rustic mountain lodge

The Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake Lodge January 2017

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict at the Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake January 2017

Breakfast food

The Mixed Grill – Emerald Lake January 2017

breakfast tea

Breakfast tea – Emerald Lake Lodge January 2017

Brunch ready

Ready for breakfast – Emerald Lake January 2017

Both we enjoyed well enough, but it was the view we enjoyed more. Now, as the dining room was basking in the morning light, we could see the beautiful scenery out the windows. We couldn’t wait to get out and explore.

Mountain view

The view from the Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake Lodge 2017

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