Hiking Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

On our second morning in Edinburgh, we woke up early to take the long walk to Holyrood Park. We wanted to conquer Arthur’s Seat on this sunny and warm day.

Arthur's Seat

Climbing up the mountain – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

The hill itself is incredible, and the view from the top is worth your while. Stone steps greet you at the bottom, and after a tedious walk watching your step, you are finally at the top. There were many hikers, both foreign and local, all taking the opportunity to take photos of Edinburgh below.

Arthur's Seat

A great place for families, couples, and solo travellers alike – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

climbing Arthur's Seat

Beginning our climb – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Edinburgh Castle can be seen to the west, and the North Sea to the North and East. I especially loved the rolling green hills in the distance.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The view of the city – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Edinburgh port

City view – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

The view of the city – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

When we headed to the National Museum of Scotland later, we learned about the unusual miniature coffins found here. I thought it was very curious. I love how each place in Europe comes with a history of its own – even a little green mountain like Arthur’s Seat. The summit’s name is derived from the possibility that this could have been the location of the mythical Camelot. It’s truly a magical place!

summit of Arthurs Seat

At the summit – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Arthur's Seat

Enjoying Holyrood Park – Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Climbing Arthur's Seat

Being adventurous – Edinburgh Scotland 2016

Scotland Itinerary including Arthur’s Seat:

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