A Candlelit Dinner in Edinburgh, Scotland

Just a short hop from the National Museum of Scotland, we stumbled upon The Outsider. I looked online, and this place had promised a quiet, candlelit dinner in Edinburgh. For a restaurant situated right near the heart of Edinburgh, we were lucky to get a table (although it was before the normal dinner hour). A reservation is highly encouraged.

candlelit dinner

Inside The Outsider – Scotland 2016

I could tell from a first glance that it was a trendy place. The seating was unique and the place was aglow with candle light. The clean modern design was pleasing to the eye.  Promising fresh and seasonal produce, we couldn’t wait to dig in for a taste.

candlelit dinner

The back window – Scotland 2016

We had been seated near the back window, and the view, especially in the dark, was really enchanting. Derek and I both ordered the venison, served on a bed of barley and leeks. Leeks are something I do not eat often enough. I could already tell it is more of a staple here across the pond. Furthermore, I’d discovered that Scotland does meat just as well as us Albertan’s do. The venison was amazing, to say the least.

candlelit dinner

Water at our table – Scotland 2016

I would highly recommend this place for not only the location, but the overall atmosphere and food preparation. Be sure to check it out if you are ever wanting a candlelit dinner in Edinburgh!

The location of this candlelit dinner in Edinburgh:

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Restaurant link:

The Outsider

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