Scotland’s Urquhart Castle

Derek and I were both really glad we stopped at Urquhart Castle, rather than spending our time at the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition (although I’m sure that would have been very cool). The pictures online really don’t do it justice: it was such a pleasant surprise.

Urquhart Castle

Our first view of the ruins – Scotland 2016

This site may be the best ruins I’ve ever seen and Derek was really excited with his first real castle ruins. We had the place to ourselves in the dead of winter, which was really fantastic.


The catapult – Scotland 2016

Urquhart Castle

Part of the castle – Scotland 2016

Urquhart Castle – Scotland 2016

There’s even a little private beach along Loch Ness with really stunning views from just about any point of the grounds. The little beach was a great place to get to step in the Loch, giving us memories we will certainly cherish.

Loch Ness beach

Heading down to the little beach – Scotland 2016

Loch Ness

On the banks of Loch Ness – Scotland 2016

in Loch Ness

Standing in Loch Ness – Scotland 2016

Upon entry into the gift shop, we were approached to try out a new and exciting feature for the ruins. It’s hoped to be in place by summer of 2017. I was excited to take part of and have a say in what future visitors can enjoy. Overall, I recommend visiting Urquhart Castle, not only for an excellent castle ruin full of history, but for jaw-dropping views of Loch Ness. Make it a must see on your trip to Scotland!

Loch Ness

The views of Loch Ness – Scotland 2016

Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle – Scotland 2016

Check out Urquhart Castle’s website:
Castle ruins

Looking back at the ruins – Scotland 2016

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