Driving the Cairngorms National Park

After leaving Tulloch Castle, Derek and I continued our road trip south through the Cairngorms National Park. There were plenty of rolling hills (that the Scottish call mountains – they should come to Alberta!) and flocks of sheep along the way. For a while, there were even plenty of waterfalls and forests with trees that went straight up, with no branches until high in the air. Interesting thing, nature is; it’s different everywhere you go.

Cairngorms National Park

Driving through the Cairngorms – Scotland 2016

Scottish castles

Spotting castles – Scotland 2016

The Cairgorms National Park has plenty of places to stop, and although we didn’t stop often (Derek wanted to get to the Dalwhinnie Whisky Distillery) we still managed to find a few pretty places. I definitely want to check out the reindeer here if we ever return. The park is such a scenic place and many Scotts holiday here.

scottish cow

Cows can be so weird yet pretty, don’t you think? – Scotland 2016

Scottish cows

More cows – Scotland 2016

Near Dalwhinnie, I found more cows and had to get out of the car to meet them. They seemed quite interested in me (maybe because they associate people with food).

Scottish cows

New “coo” friends – Scotland 2016

farm girl and Scottish cows

Trying to bring the cows home – Scotland 2016

Derek and I had lunch in the little town of Dalwhinnie; the restaurant is not hard to miss as it’s the only place in town. The soup there really hit the spot!

Scottish scone

Scones and soup – Scotland 2016

Homemade bread

Home made bread – Scotland 2016

You can read about our experience at the Whisky Distillery here. The road south to Edinburgh was easy from there, although we hit the capital during rush hour. We managed to find parking by our hotel near the Royal Botanical Gardens before tucking in for the night.


Country side in Cairngorms National Park – Scotland 2016


Farm land – Scotland 2016

Derek and I had a lovely (albeit brief) time through the Cairngorms, and I think anyone else would too!

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