Visiting Edinburgh Castle

Our last full day in Edinburgh was spent visiting Edinburgh Castle. It is much more of a military fortress (and now war memorial) than any other castle I’ve visited. Most exhibits within the walls feature Scotlands military history, and the church at the heart of the grounds houses the largest memorial I have seen to date.


Bagpipes – Scotland 2016

war art

War art – Scotland 2016

war museum

Scottish uniforms – Scotland 2016


Canons – Scotland 2016

War memorial

Memorials – Scotland 2016

Although I do love a great war doc, there is really only so much military displays I can read through; so for me, the best part of the castle was the castle itself. It’s absolutely fascinating how it’s all built on an old volcano.

Edinburgh Castle

Volcanic formations – Scotland 2016

If you go, you must wait for the One O’Clock gun, it can’t be missed!

one o clock gun

Firing the one o’clock gun – Scotland 2016

one o clock gun

Blanks fired! – Scotland 2016

The one souvenir I splurge on wherever I travel is guide books that can be purchased at these sights, so I can read up on the history when I get home (or even on the plane). The guide books are relatively cheap, especially if you pre-purchase them online with your ticket. Besides, booklets are flat and stow easily in your luggage!

old sign

Directions – Scotland 2016

old buildings

In the courtyard – Scotland 2016


Within the castle walls – Scotland 2016


The dungeon – Scotland 2016

bunk beds

Dungeon bunks – Scotland 2016

Royal fireplace

Royal chambers – Scotland 2016

Inside Edinburgh Castle

Royal rooms – Scotland 2016

Edinburgh castle church

Outside the old church turned war memorial – Scotland 2016

There’s really so much to explore at Edinburgh Castle, but we managed to get it all done in the morning, leaving only after the gun sounded, for a total of four hours.


The view from the canons – Scotland 2016

Edinburgh Castle

At the top of the hill – Scotland 2016

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle – Scotland 2016

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