The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

After thoroughly enjoying our experience at Edinburgh Castle, Derek and I made our way down the Royal Mile, visiting every shop on the way that caught our eye. Even though the street is basically a giant tourist shop, it can’t be missed.

Advocates Close

Closes off the Royal Mile – Scotland 2016

Old Fishmongers Close

Another Close – Scotland 2016

If you are turned off by all the tartan and whisky shops, head down one of the Closes. They are each unique and are bound to catch your photographer’s eye. Back in the day, these little alleyways were happening places for trading and selling products. Each alley might hold a fish market or a place to buy a fresh loaf of bread. Nowadays, closes serve different purposes, but are still equally as interesting. I found a few gems myself here and there.

Writers' Museum

The Writers’ Museum – Scotland 2016

Writers' Museum

The courtyard by the Writers’ Museum – Scotland 2016

The Fudge House

The Fudge House – Scotland 2016

While shopping, Derek and I picked up a few gifts for our families back home. If you happen to grow weary, there’s always a cozy little pub you can pop in to to have a drink and rest your feet.

Royal Mile

Street performers – Scotland 2016

Royal Mile

In the Street – Scotland 2016

Shops on the Royal Mile worth a look:

The Tartan Weaving Mill

The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Writers’ Museum

St. Giles Cathedral

Tron Kirk  & The Royal Mile Market

The Royal Mile Gallery

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

The Fudge House


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