The Train from Edinburgh to London

After Derek and my last breakfast in Edinburgh at the Inverleith Hotel, we made our way to Waverley train station. With its central location, it makes for a perfect transport centre when traveling in and out of Edinburgh. Derek and I were excited to take the train from Edinburgh to London, as we missed out on the way in when our flight was messed up.

Waverley Station

Edinburgh Waverley Station – Scotland 2016

Waverley Station

Waiting for the train – Scotland 2016

We hopped on our train, settling in for the five hour ride ahead of us, excited for our next destination. London was calling me home. For anyone who hasn’t ridden a train, I must say it’s one of my favourite ways to travel. Much more relaxing than flying (and far less of a hassle) and faster than driving in most cases, it makes for a great way to get around. It’s also pretty affordable in Europe and they’re not going to charge you for that extra bag. The view out the window can be a lot more interesting than the top of the clouds, and the air pressure is the same as the ground. If you haven’t traveled by train, you are missing out.

Waverley Station

Waverley Station – Scotland 2016

train from Edinburgh to London

Waiting for the train – Scotland 2016

When we finally arrived at London Kings Cross, the station was anything but relaxing. Everyone was trying to get somewhere that Saturday night. Beware of taking the tube when events are going on all over the great city! This is how we planned to get to our hotel that evening, and with our luggage, we had to wait for three trains to pass before we finally got on the tube (not to mention being quite aggressive).  Locals don’t always appreciate the extra traffic underground, especially if you have no idea what you are doing and where you are going.

I’m probably going to make a guide in the near future on riding the tube for newbies, so keep an eye out! Overall, Derek and I really enjoyed taking the train from Edinburgh to London.

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