The Witchery at the Castle

On Derek and my last night in Edinburgh, we had dinner reservations at The Witchery at the Castle. The renowned restaurant is known well amongst celebrities and other dignified persons who frequent the area.

The Witchery

The story behind The Witchery – Scotland 2016

rose wine

A glass of rose and expensive water – Scotland 2016

They took us to our seat immediately upon arrival. I was blown away by the cozy yet elegant atmosphere. The place looked like a dark castle with rich and lavish touches all around. Dinner by candle light: what more can a food loving girl want? The Witchery was decorated quite beautifully for the upcoming Christmas season.


More candles – Scotland 2016

inside the witchery

Seating at the restaurant – Scotland 2016

Christmas restaurant

Christmas decor at The Witchery – Scotland 2016

We agreed on a three course dinner of things I cannot tell you what (I had no idea what I was ordering to be completely honest). Everything was extremely high end and the use of finest ingredients was evident. Although I do consider myself to be somewhat of a food connoisseur (I mean, how can you not love food?), I am no five star chef so it was all Greek to me.

fancy food

Course #1 – Scotland 2016

main course

Course #2 – Scotland 2016

My favourite part was the Whisky pie and ice cream (that I could understand). I swear to you, it was the best ice cream I had ever had, and probably will ever have. Upon first bite, literal tears formed in my eyes due to the delightfulness of the flavour on my tastebuds.


Course #3 – Scotland 2016


Another dessert – Scotland 2016

Derek and I had been prepared for the hefty price tag that comes with dining at such an exclusive place (we booked two weeks in advance and I believe we were lucky to get in), but still winced after seeing the bill knowing full well that we had to pay the exchange rate on top. Hedonists and gastronomes as well as lovers of the finer things in life – this is the place for you.

candle lit dinner

Candle lit dinner – Scotland 2016

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