Places to Eat: London Restaurants

Derek and I ate at quite a few different places around the city, so I thought I would do a round up of London restaurants. I had pre-researched a few really good and interesting and unique places to eat, but we didn’t end up sticking to the list. When in London (and walking all day on your feet) sometimes you want to just plop yourself down at the first cafe you find.

As we walked past Savini at Criterion, I thought we might pop in for a soup for lunch. It’s as expensive as it looks, even if you don’t order anything expensive. The upscale restaurant charges you to just breath in their atmosphere, so prepare to pay a cover charge and included gratuity. The soup was delicious of course, and we got “free” bread prior and cookies following.

Savini at Criterion

Savini at Criterion – London Restaurants 2016

Soup London Restaurants

Delicious but tiny soup – London 2016

Savini cookies

Little cookie box – London 2016

Later, we ate another small meal at Aubaine, a little french restaurant with a few locations throughout London. It had a charming atmosphere and delicious food. It’s a place that boasts simple luxury – elegance without the price tag.

Aubaine Restaurant

Eating at Aubaine – London 2016

Aubaine Restaurant

The Restaurant – London 2016

Mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup – London 2016

Every morning during our stay at the Grand Royale, we ate breakfast at this nameless cafe on Leinster Terrace right next door to Halepi. There’s quite a few greek restaurants on the street. The cafe isn’t pretty or “instagrammable”, but they sure serve up a good breakfast at a good price. They have fresh smoothies that are delicious. We tried a couple things and you can’t go wrong there.

We ate dinner one night in Covent Garden at a Canadian pub, which was decorated well but they didn’t have hockey on, didn’t have good Canadian beer, and I could definitely teach them a thing or three about poutine. The Maple Leaf is place to go if you’re feeling homesick, but not a place to get a homey meal. The did have a really great dessert that had ice cream and maltesers, which was delicious!

Maple Leaf London

The Maple Leaf – London 2016

Maple Leaf London

The Menu – London 2016

ice cream sundae

For dessert – London 2016

One evening we stopped at Byron Hamburgers out of exhaustion. Although it is a chain and not totally original, they do serve up a good burger and shake.

Coca-Cola Float

Coke float – London 2016

Hopefully I’ll get to return to London soon and explore more of the foodie scene!

London Restaurants:

Savini at Criterion


Byron Hamburgers

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