Visiting the British Museum in London

The British Museum is a beautiful place, holding much of the world’s knowledge and accomplishments. Although somewhat controversial, I do find it rather nice to be able to see pieces of history from all over the world in one (free) place. While other museums charge hefty prices to see the world’s most priceless artifacts, the British Museum keeps the cost at nothing for all who enter.

British Museum

The front of the Museum – London 2016

British Museum

The famous heart of the British Museum – London 2016

It was quite exhausting to walk through all the exhibits, but we managed to see quite a bit in just our three hours there. My advice would be to pre research the museum online and make a plan.

Egyptian stuff

A couple favourites from the museum – London 2016

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone – London 2016

African art

Another beautiful piece from the Africa exhibit – London 2016

Cleopatra mummy

Cleopatra – London 2016

gun chair

From the Africa exhibit – London 2016

Lewis Chessmen

Lewis Chessmen – London 2016

The Room of Enlightenment was by far my favourite; the room displays discoveries and collections made during the Enlightenment period. A time filled with learning, it makes for a fascinating showcase of what they found fascinating back then. The room itself is remarkable, originally functioning as a library for King George III.

Room of Enlightenment

The Room of Enlightenment – London 2016

Room of Enlightenment

Books upon books in the room – London 2016

There is so much history and culture to be discovered here, and if you want in depth information I would highly recommend purchasing at the very least a guide, or perhaps the Companion for the Collections to educate yourself fully. There is simply not enough time to even read all of the exhibits in a day. Derek and I barely managed to just walk through the whole place in just three hours. As one of my favourite museums, I highly encourage everyone to go, whether you like museums or not.

british museum

At night – London 2016

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