Somerset House Ice Skating

On our last day in London, Derek and I booked a wine, skate, and fondue at Somerset House. It ended up being a lot more fun than I thought.

Exterior of Somerset House in London, England.

Somerset, London at Christmas. Christmas Tree on a Ice Skating Rink

We arrived at Somerset House, which is a very lovely place, and waited for our ice time. We picked up our skates and headed out on the rink, following the circle of traffic. As a Canadian who doesn’t skate, I felt far more comfortable on the ice than most of the other skaters. Watch out for all the wobbly people! I feel like I should insert a joke about how Canadians are practically born on the ice, but I think it’s too serious to be a joke.

Somerset House Ice Skating Rink in London, England.

Luckily, it was nice and warm out and the sunset made for a beautiful atmosphere. I was not allowed to take my camera out on the rink, but we did manage to take a few good photos on Derek’s phone.

ice skates hanging on wall decor Fortnum & Mason Somerset

After our skate time ended, we headed inside the Fortnum & Masons for the cheese fondue and a glass of wine. It was a delicious end to a wonderful afternoon.

girl with antlers above her head smiling

Fondue at Fortnum & Mason in London

Fortnum & Mason Lodge at Somerset, London

Christmas table setting at Fortnum & Mason in London

I couldn’t help but do a little shopping at Fortnum & Masons afterwards, much to our full suitcases dismay. F&M just has the loveliest gifts. If you are ever in London during the Christmas season, this is something you should add to your list!

Somerset Fortnum & Mason shop at Christmas.

Cutest little rod soaps at Fortnum & Mason in Somerset, London
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