Flying WestJet Plus

If you are flying long haul with WestJet, I highly recommend booking the Plus fare. While probably not worthwhile on shorter journeys, a longer flight will make you glad you upgraded.


I always forget to take pictures on the plane so here’s a plane

The flight attendants in Plus really outperform in terms of customer service; their main focus being to keep you happy. The food is really much more excellent, and I enjoyed the British fare coming home from London Gatwick. There’s really too much food to eat I find when sitting that much, and drinks are a constant option. The best part of sitting in Plus on a long haul flight is definitely the larger seats. For those who find it difficult to sit in a tiny economy chair, these will feel much more luxurious and comfortable. Another great part of flying plus is the added included luggage. When traveling to Europe in the winter, Derek and I knew we wouldn’t be able to pack as light as on a beach vacation, so this was a nice option.

Although in my original post I wasn’t overly impressed with WestJet, they have changed my mind through their customer service and how they addressed our flight issues on the way to London. I would definitely consider booking with them again.

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