Eating in Amsterdam Noord

The two restaurants I tried in Amsterdam Noord are definitely worth mentioning. Both of them had such a unique atmosphere, and mixed with delicious food, they are hard to beat. On our first night in Amsterdam, we ate dinner at Hanimeli & Cafe Demliq. I chose this restaurant off a map only because it was so close to our AirBnB, but I have craved it every day since. They have many seating options, with a lovely patio. You won’t be disappointed no matter where you end up. The decor is a mix of modern and industrial, with Turkish influences.

Turkish industrial decor

Inside the smaller (and quieter) part of Hanimeli – Cafe Demliq.


Cozy cafe corners.

newsprint floor

Newsprint floor.

Turkish bar

At the bar – see the Turkish cups?

I was thrilled that they served Turkish coffee and tea. My travel buddy and I shared mezzes (Mediterranean appetizers). The complimentary bread and sauces the server brought us was warm. It is possibly my favourite dish! The other dishes were equally as amazing, all prepared to perfection. This restaurant is a foodie’s paradise. I would fly back to Amsterdam just for it!

Turkish tea

Turkish tea.

Turkish bread

The delicious bread. Can anyone tell me what that delightful orange spicy sauce is? I need it in my life.

Turkish mezzes

A mess of mezzes.

Turkish dinner

Our spread.

Lamb dish

The main course.

Another morning, we ate breakfast at Fashion & Tea. It is one of the cute shops along Van der Pekstraat. With a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories, as well as delicious fare, this place is also worth the stop. The decor is light and pretty, with fresh flowers on every table.

Fashion & Tea

Fashion & Tea at Amsterdam Noord.

cute clothes

Shopping for after you eat!

Cozy table

Cozy setting.

cute decor

Fashionable decor.

I ordered a fresh smoothie and eggs on bread. A perfect way to start the day!

strawberry smoothie

Fresh smoothie.

neck scarf fashion

Matching the decor.

Eggs on bread

Eggs on bread.

I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area, whether to browse or for a bite.

Amsterdam Noord

Outside of Fashion & Tea.

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