Netherlands Packing: What to Bring in the Spring

Keukenhof outfit

Netherlands Packing 101

Curious as to what you should pack when heading to the Netherlands? I was too, before I went this spring. The more I travel, the better I get at packing. I now rarely pack excessively and have plenty of room for souvenirs on the way home. If you read my packing for Scotland post, you’d know I have gotten into having a capsule wardrobe. I’d like to share with you more how that has helped me in another post, as now I have more experience with it. Having a capsule wardrobe allows me to not worry as much about what I can pack and what will work in a suitcase. I know my clothes are going to work, because I know they all already do work together on a daily basis. I just minimize what I bring based on the season and the activities I’ll be doing during my travels.

Amsterdam outfit

Mix and match basics.

After I’ve created an itinerary for my trip, I like to look at what I’ll need to wear for each activity. I pull out all the clothes that will work and lay them out, trying to maximize the number of outfits I can create with each piece. If I can’t wear it at least a couple ways, it stays home.

Amsterdam outfit

I always bring a pair of jeans (as they are my go-to and match with everything) but never more than two (they are heavy).

These pictures contain what I brought with me to the Netherlands.

Netherlands outfit

Exploring the windmills at Kinderdijk.

Netherlands packing cold

A jacket for cloudy days – a must for Netherlands packing.

I won’t lie, I was a bit chilly on some of the days, and we were quite lucky that it was rainy the whole time. I made do for the sake of fashion though. The windmills don’t lie – Holland is windy. Bring cozy layers for when the weather is deceivingly cool. I found the coolness is the worst in tight canals – the wind just whips through.

Iceland packing

An outfit that managed to keep me warm even in Iceland – without bringing a heavy coat!

If you’re looking to blend in, wear neutral colours. The Dutch seem to have this easy-cool look mastered with dark colours and nothing too flashy. Good footwear is a must, but I saw many locals on bikes with cute pumps; I saw even more wearing Nikes that looked just as stylish! My tip for all the walking you’ll do: change the height of your heel daily. Too flat all the time can be just as painful as too much heel.

Netherlands outfit

Wearing flats with a long dress. Stylish but comfortable.

While jeans and a tee might be a no in Paris, I think they do just fine in Amsterdam.

neck scarf

Cute and easy accessories to elevate a basic shirt and jeans.

Is there anything else you would recommend for Netherlands packing?

Netherlands Packing: Where to Shop?

I found most of these pieces for under $30 at Winners!


Leather flats

Ankle boots

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Netherlands Packing


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