The Perfect Summer Picnic

Warm summer days and long, golden evenings means it’s picnic season! All you need to have for the perfect summer picnic is a pretty basket (any shape or size will do), a blanket big enough for everyone in your party, and treats to share. Bring some bubbly to keep you refreshed (or maybe some homemade lemonade – recipe here)! I highly recommend Korbel’s Brut Rosé: it’s pink and filled with goodness.

Picnic with bubbly

Korbel Brut

Fruit and French bread will keep most happy, especially as an evening snack.

Summer Picnic

eating strawberries

eating Strawberries

Summer Style

This basket is versatile – perfect for everything under the sun, from the beach to the park.  You can find your very own handmade French Basket here on Etsy. It’s a more affordable option compared to flying all the way to the markets in the South of France (although wouldn’t that be Nice).

French basket

French Basket

Summer essentials

A picnic blanket can just be any old thing, but why not pick up something special on Etsy while you’re there? I found this one from Handloom Store all the way in LA. It’s a handmade 100% Turkish cotton towel. Believe it or not, it can be used as a scarf, a blanket, and yes, even a beach towel! It’s soft and durable, and so worthwhile.

Picnic Blanket

Summer Picnic

After you’ve finished snacking and polished off your drink, grab a book to read (or just snooze) under a big old tree.

Summer reading

Summer reading

It definitely sparks a reminder of the carefree summers of childhood.  So please, turn back the hands of time, and have a picnic this summer. You won’t regret it!

Summer style

Summer Picnic Outfit Details:

Hat & Dress – Winners

The perfect leather Shoes – DSW

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