The Dutch Island Texel

Our day began with a long drive north to Texel, including driving over the largest dyke in the Netherlands, Afsluitdijk. The dyke separates the sea from the lake, and is just another great example of the Dutch controlling the water. Arriving at the ferry to Texel (which is an island) just a moment too late, we had to wait another island to cross. Once we got on, it was a short ride over. On the ferry, they serve treats, and you can get out of your car and enjoy the view of the Wadden Sea.

Texel ferry

The island is very sandy, and dykes surround most of it to keep the water out. We drove to find sea lions, but didn’t want to pay to go on an excursion. The sea lions are a big tourist attraction on the island, which is a popular destination for both Dutch and German citizens.

Marine Wildlife exhibit

Whale bone

Texel beach

Texel sand dunes

The lighthouse in Texel was the prettiest spot on the island, located on the northern tip. I walked all the way to the top and a had a spectacular view while learning about it’s history. The small towns on the island had neat little shops, with lots of cute home decor that I wanted to bring home. The biggest one of all was three buildings together with layer after layer of antique and rustic decor. There are plenty of souvenirs and gifts for everyone here.

Texel Lighthouse

Texel Lighthouse

View from Texel lighthouse

Texel town

Kees de Waal

Texel town

Texel town

Since we went in the spring, there were a ton of sweet lambs in every field. It was difficult not to stop and take pictures of every one of them. After dinner in a pub, we took the ferry back off the island and back to our hotel in Vilsteren. I would recommend a longer stay, but if you don’t have time, a day is enough to get a taste of Texel.

Texel pub food

hot chocolate

Texel pub

Texel land

Texel beach

Texel beach

Texel Tourism:

Visit Ecomare


Kees de Waal Shop


  1. August 9, 2017 / 1:58 am

    Can you believe I have never been to Texel? Nor any of the other Dutch islands? Pff! Silly! I really want to go though. And they’re nursing a stray puffin now in Ecomare, who I’d love to say hello to 😉

    • cak95
      August 31, 2017 / 9:53 am

      You’ll need to go then! Let me know when you’ve posted something about it 🙂

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