Edmonton’s Best Restaurants

I thought I would whip up a post of my list of Edmonton’s best restaurants just in time for Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I have made it our mission to try as many new places to eat as possible. Why eat at the same old place all the time when there’s so many restaurants to discover? I’ve tried them and gave my best food-lover’s opinion, so you don’t have to. Here, in no particular order, is my list:

Edmonton’s Best Restaurants


Just off 124th street (the new Whyte Ave in my opinion), the restaurant serves farm-to-table, yet fancy Canadian cuisine. Expensive, but worth it. Their menu is ever-changing because of the seasons and it is healthier food. Meat is definitely their specialty, as they are also a butcher shop. I recommend sitting at the bar to witness the chefs in action.


This place makes me feel like I’m in a modern pub in the UK. Great drinks, hearty pub style food (with a twist, don’t want to be too boring), and most importantly, NO TV – just great conversation. On 124th street/107 Ave.


The best (and possibly only) Turkish restaurant in #yeg. I searched for a place that served Turkish fare after visiting the country in 2015, and this place was amazing! While a bit pricey, it’s worth every penny. If you don’t know what to get, I recommend one of the platters, or just getting a variety of tapas to share for the table. Their wine cellar downstairs is beautifully decorated: ask for a tour. They used to just serve tapas down there, but I’m not too sure as of late. Groups could request sitting on the pillows on the short tables – an extremely unique dining experience (once again, not entirely sure if they still do this). Sofra is located just across from MacEwan University, downtown.

Sofra Turkish restaurant

Dolmas Turkish restaurant and beer

Turkish tapas Sofra

Ampersand 27

This Whyte Avenue restaurant is somewhere I’d take the girls, but probably not my boyfriend. The food is a little too artsy for the average Meatetarian, but great for those who love a tastefully made, high-end (read: small) dish. Cocktails are also pricey, but they have quite the array that are all delicious. I’d go again for the decor.

Ampersand27 upscale YEG restaurant

fancy duck dish

Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn

South of Whyte on 99th, this place has been around for ages. The first time I went was with my German class for lunch to sample some authentic bratwurst and spatzle. The brunch served on the weekends is wholesome and tasty too. Their homemade mustard is one of my favourites.

Continental Treat

Another European restaurant serving classic, hearty dishes. My boyfriend loved their unique beer list, and I loved everything on the menu. Fine dining without an overly fine price tag.

European restaurant

Eastern European dish

Homefire Grill

If Elk Lasagna and Bison Meatloaf are your thing, then this is the place for you. Not the best place, but they try. Located on 100th Ave just off the Henday. Definitely adding a few places on to the list of Edmonton’s best restaurants that aren’t necessarily the best – they are just unique!

La Boheme Restaurant Bed & Breakfast

A place my grandmother took me when I was younger. I’d like to try it again soon, as I remember it being extra delicious for my inexperienced 13-year-old palette. A truly soup du jour, French kind of place.

Craft Beer Market

A fun, modern pub, located downtown with a beautiful rooftop patio. The food isn’t that great, but hey, beer!

Tres Carnales Tacqueri

Mexican street food restaurant downtown with fresh & fun decor. Really can’t go wrong with tacos. While this is more of their lunch place, I really would like to try their dinner-oriented sister restaurant Rostizado for more upscale “modern Mexican” dishes.

El Cortez

Another great Mexican restaurant. This one is a bit over-priced I think, but it is on Whyte Avenue. They have a great picnic-style patio out back and a fantastic tequila selection. Do yourself a favour and try the churros.

El Cortez tequila bar restaurant

El Cortez menu

Mexican cheese dip

modern Mexican food

Mexican street style

brick wall industrial booth

Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar

Right upstairs of El Cortez, this bar focuses on southern style food and whiskey. Same Whyte Ave vibes, just different flavours.

Have Mercy southern restaurant

Huma Mexican Comfort

A small family restaurant on Argyll and 99th, serving the BEST Mexican food on this list. Read their backstory – it’s heartwarming, just like their food (in a good way, I promise).

Mexican fried cheese appetizer

Mexican lasagna

Edmonton's best restaurants


An old-school, 1950s diner on Whyte: it’s best feature is that it’s adults-only. The food is alright – they’re trying to do a Cajun thing with po’boys and crab cakes, but it left something to be desired.

The Cajun House

Actually delicious Cajun food. This one is not in Edmonton, but north in St. Albert. It appears to be fancy, but it’s not: just affordable, hearty dishes. Bring an extra stomach (the plates are huge). This might be my favourite restaurant in the area and the seafood gumbo is 9/10 times what I’m currently craving.


Also in St. Albert, but their brunch brings me back to the UK (anywhere that resembles my travels, I’m up for it). It’s quite small, so be prepared to wait (or call ahead). The only place I’ve found here that serves a full English breakfast.


Another St. Albert restaurant (they have great food okay?), serving only tapas and share plates. A beautifully romantic atmosphere, designed for conversation. My boyfriend and I agree this is the place for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

In order to make this place worthwhile (you pay a flat rate), bring an empty stomach. Unless you are a big meat-eater and can almost eat your weight in steak, it’s almost not worth it. Everything does taste delicious, salad bar included, so 10/10 for hungry men.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Super expensive restaurant downtown – I’ve heard the lunch is more affordable though. Serves American-style steaks, which I’m not personally a fan of, but others might enjoy. Dishes are all served separate for the table (just like at home). Worth it? Probably not.


“Globally-inspired” restaurant. They serve a great brunch with artfully displayed food, in a modern atmosphere. I’d love to go back to try the dinner menu.

Canteen menu YEG

eggs Benedict Canteen

Dutch pancake and eggs

The Creperie

A favourite of mine for French cuisine. Whether you try the dinner or dessert crepes, both are scrumptious. Not a fan of crepes? They’ve got other dishes too, all prepared with the best French flavours. I personally just really enjoy the atmosphere: the restaurant is in an old basement downtown. Think bricks, wine bottles, window panes, and candle-light for decor.

La Ronde

Edmonton’s classic fine-dining experience. Located downtown with a 360 degree view of the city in a revolving restaurant. Both brunch and dinner are worthwhile. Perfect for special occasions.

Edmonton river valley snow La Ronde

Yiannis Taverna

Another great Whyte Ave restaurant with delicious Greek food. I have yet to catch their belly-dance show though. Yay for tapas!

Yiannis - Edmonton's best restaurants

Yiannis greek tapas

Yiannis YEG greek tapas

Cafe Linnea

An instagramming millennial’s dream. Forget tea and macaroons at Duchess Bake Shop, a cheese plate at this cafe is where it’s at. This place reminds me of the Netherlands, and that is why it makes the list of Edmonton’s best restaurants.

Cafe Linnea - Edmonton's best restaurants

lady dining at a cafe

fancy latte

cheese plate with bread and jams

green and wood decor

Louisiana Purchase

A Cajun restaurant that isn’t quite as good as the Cajun house, but it is a bit more lively and the drinks are more fun. Located downtown.


Pick your meat, pick your sides, and your good to go. Seriously the most mouth-watering barbecue in Edmonton (or Canada?) served in a industrial (read: cafeteria) style restaurant.

Malt & Mortar

Awesome Whyte Avenue pub serving a great drink menu and delicious food. Great industrial brick-and-mortar styled atmosphere. Probably my favourite place to grab a drink on Whyte.

Malt & Mortar - Edmonton's best restaurants

Moscow Mule in a copper mug

cheesy pull-apart bread YEG


Seriously the most amazing authentic, Indian restaurant on the south side. The buffet is mouth-watering and so is the Chai tea.

Under the High Wheel

I wrote a whole post on this place because I enjoyed it so much. Unique and artsy brunch on Whyte, and it’s even attached to a gelato place for dessert!

Under the High Wheel - Edmonton's best restaurants

sipping cider

hot apple cider

healthy and fruit breakfast


There you have it! My list of Edmonton’s best restaurants. I did try to keep this list unique – nothing too franchise-y. Share in the comments if you have a place I missed and need to try. I may keep adding to this list, so make sure to stay connected and sign up for my emails.


  1. March 21, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    Oh my goodness, you have been so many places! I am slightly ashamed to say that I have gone to maybe 6 on this list. I’ve got to step my game up! Maybe instead of coffee next time we’ll have to hit up one of your fave restaurants!!


    • Cat Kittlitz
      April 7, 2018 / 12:42 am

      Of course! It’s slightly embarrassing that I’ve been to so many haha…but it’s only because I’ve been in a relationship with someone who is also a foodie for so long!

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