Edmonton’s Botanic Garden

Another magical spot that I adore near Edmonton, is the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. If you missed my other Edmonton Things to Do posts, check them out here and here.

pink roses - Edmonton, Alberta
The Rose Garden collection
early fall/spring style - jean jacket and culotte pants - botanic gardens - vine plants
Such a magical little spot, among the vines.
red lipstick - hops vines - statement earrings and jean jacket
tower castle in Alberta
princess in a tower, botanic gardens in Edmonton
I felt just like a princess in a castle, waiting for her prince to come.

The gardens are a great place for taking photos, having a picnic, and just getting out and enjoying nature. They are currently adding on to the gardens so stay tuned for changes in years to come.

trial gardens in Botanic Gardens Edmonton
The Trial Gardens collection
portrait photography, brown curled hair with statement earrings and red lipstick

When to go to the Botanic Garden:

While the gardens are closed for the season, they do have events planned throughout the winter and will open again for regular, public hours on the first of May. I’m hoping to visit their Luminaria event in December to help get me into the holiday spirit. My boyfriend and I love to visit places like this for unique and inspiring dates.

teepee in Edmonton, style blogger
Indigenous Garden
We ran into more than a few squirrels…
style blogger pose in fall spring fashion
The gardens are absolutely picturesque.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and I believe a garden speaks to an even greater extent. I often wonder what the flowers would say if they could speak.

approaching a shed in the woods
So many nooks to explore.

Gardens were never really my thing, but I’ve begun to incorporate flowers into my everyday life more and more over the years. Every place I travel, I tend to visit a garden of some sort. It makes my heart happy to find a place close to home that has such lovely grounds.

university of Alberta botanic gardens in Edmonton
Aga Khan garden
Aga Khan Garden
The latest addition to the gardens: Aga Khan Garden
Edmonton style blogger in fall and spring fashion

I did visit the Botanic Garden rather late in the season, so I can’t wait to visit in the early summer next year.

University of Alberta Botanic gardens wearing culottes and jean jacket with basket bag in front of rose garden
Captivated by flowers in bloom…
yellow daisies
reflection of trees in pond
Reflections of Nature.
Butterly exhibit
Butterflies in the Greenhouse
inside a conservatory greenhouse
butterflies in a greenhouse garden
exploring a conservatory garden
agave plant
conservatory house
Japanese garden
Kurimoto Japanese Garden

Where should I visit next in my Edmonton series? Let me know in the comments below.

Waterfall jumping in a spring outfit

Shop my outfit: white blouseculotte bottomsjean jacket – sandals (old, no dupes) – basket baglipstick

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