Staying at a Thatched Cottage

When searching up accommodation for a trip, I’m always on the hunt for somewhere unique. Staying at a thatched cottage AirBnB certainly checked that criteria. Our trip to Ireland had its fair share of interesting places to stay, including this beautiful boutique hotel in Dublin and this centuries old mill (more on that later). Would I recommend staying in a thatched cottage? Read on to find out…

Inside the thatched cottage

Guest book at an AirBnB in Ireland with fresh scones and flowers.
Quaint cottage kitchen with wooden table and chairs.

The place was easy enough to find thanks to our host’s directions. It ended up being a bit out of the way, but it was the only thing I could find between Dingle and Killarney.

Our host graciously left us tea, jam, and fresh scones for our arrival (and I’m a sucker for scones). We didn’t end up meeting our host, as they left the key outside. Honestly, isn’t that the best sometimes? I once stayed at a hotel in Iceland that had no front desk, and you checked in with a keypad. The way of the future.

Old wooden chair with plaid throw blanket.

But this place was far in the past.

Antique cast iron fireplace.

Our thatched cottage didn’t just have antiques…it was an antique. The real wood burning stove would be essential in the winter, as well as all the wool blankets.

Antique wooden cabinet with china dishes.

Everything about this place was beautiful; especially if you’re into that sort of quiet country charm. The only part that wasn’t quiet was the heard of sheep wandering down the road early every morning. I almost had a heart attack with the resounding bleets I heard from just outside my window at 7am. The authenticity of it all was perfect.

Cozy wooden antique bedroom.
Small village road in Ireland. Driving in Ireland.

Reasons to avoid places like this…

What didn’t I love about this thatched cottage? The bugs. Historic homes, no matter how renovated, tend not to be the most insulated of things. And the bugs ran a bit rampant. BUT if you can overlook that, it’s a pretty amazing experience.

Antique Thatched Cottage AirBnB experience in Ireland.
Antique Thatched Cottage with whitewashed walls and window with lace curtains.

I mean, just look at this secret garden located right behind.

A secret garden in Ireland.
Old magical green garden in Ireland.

The stuff of storybooks.

Rose garden in Ireland.
Renovated Thatched Cottage AirBnB in Ireland.

This little addition is absolutely innovative. And from the inside, one can hardly tell that the kitchen is modern. Inside, the host had a little renovation diary with pictures of the transformation. I really appreciate personal touches like that.

Farmhouse kitchen in green and butcher block.

My absolute favourite thing about staying at the thatched cottage, though, was the Dutch door. We don’t have these in Canada, as it’s far too cold, so I took advantage of this first with a little photoshoot.

Thatched Cottage AirBnB in Ireland with a green Dutch door. Travel girl photography.
Thatched Cottage with green dutch door and cute window boxes and white-washed walls

Would you stay at a thatched cottage? Even with creepy crawlies?

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