You deserve to be celebrated…

What is Thystle Creative?

~ social management, branding, photography, & videography ~

Running barefoot in an emerald coloured wrap dress at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park - Cate Kittlitz.

In a world full of glass ceilings, with big brands on top, Thystle Creative was birthed with one goal in mind: to help you smash through, get your story heard, and ultimately empower you (and your brand). You deserve to be celebrated for the hard work you do – we’re here to help create meaningful, story-telling visuals and personalized social strategies to get you recognized.

Whether you need engaging product or lifestyle photos, clarifying personal or business branding for your online presence, or just someone to capture life’s special moments for you, Thystle Creative can take the weight off. You don’t have to worry about juggling it all.

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Who is Cate Kittlitz?

~ photographer, story teller, & lover of the oxford-comma ~

Cate Kittlitz - content creator, wedding photographer, and media & marketing guru. Wearing a green wrap dress at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.

I’m the founder of Thystle Creative, and co-founder of Cate&Calin Wedding Photography and The Global Dreamers Foundation. I’m passionate about finding beauty in the little things: and I believe everyone deserves to find magic in their life.

This means having equal opportunities: whether through the experience of travel via The Global Dreamers Foundation, or working with me at Thystle Creative to get your brand the attention it deserves!

Photographing magical moments and telling stories has been my life’s passion. (I’ve been blogging for years!) That’s why I love capturing your most intimate and special life moments to tell your love story with Cate&Calin Wedding Photography.

I live in Alberta, Canada. When I’m not exploring & snapping away, I’m styling outfits over on TikTok & home-making in my pre-war apartment (I’m the girl who chose aesthetics over a modern-day heating system).

I’d love to get to know you more & find out how we can work together to make your world a little more magic.