Beauty, to me, is about so much more than what’s on the outside.

Beauty is a part of being a great lady. That’s why I’ve always been inspired by people like Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton. Qualities like graciousness, thoughtfulness, and kindness come to mind. Smiling at strangers, giving to those in need, caring for family and friends, and always being genuine. While sometimes this doesn’t happen (being a lady is hardwork), having a standard to hold yourself to certainly helps.

A lady is nothing less than who she truly is, and part of that is taking pride in your appearance.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many times throughout my life that I have been extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. My posture shrugs up, attempting to hide my figure. My eyes cast towards the ground to avoid any human glances. This was my normal.

For many years of my life I wore heavy layers of clothing, no matter the weather, because I wasn’t confident. While I still have to work on my confidence daily, it is something that does get easier with age. In this beauty section, I aspire to inspire all the ladies out there to wear their crown with pride, whatever that crown happens to be.

Beauty Cate applying natural lipstick in mirror

Personally, I am always on the hunt for natural ways to enhance my beauty, whether that be with DIY facemasks, organic makeup, environmental-friendly hair products, or even just little tips to help me feel like my best self. I hope to share my favorites here with you! And as I feel that beauty runs deeper than skin, you might find anecdotes for having a beautiful soul too.