I always have been and will be a foodie. 

My passion for trying new and unique foods goes hand in hand with my love for travel. Foodie destinations are high on my list.

foodie Cate eating strawberry

One of my hobbies is trying different cultural recipes; I’ve attempted everything from Irish Colcannon to Turkish Meze. Another hobby: restaurant hopping. Life’s too short to eat at the same place all the time.

Turkish kebabs salad

Recently, my cooking has started to evolve

due to the discovery of my gluten intolerance. This often proves challenging – the peroghy’s that run through my Ukrainian veins don’t mesh well with my new diet (sad laughing). But, my love for all things Pinterest has been quite helpful in finding substitutes and gluten-free recipes.

When cooking, I like to think that if it’s been around since before the days of prepackaged garbage, it’s probably a lot better for me; whole foods are at the heart of my kitchen.

Full Scottish breakfast

One thing I love in particular about cooking, is the ability to get lost in the work. Unlike baking (which requires much more attention), I find cooking allows me to create and just be. It’s really quite peaceful.

Scottish clams

Here, along with recipes and cooking tips that have helped me as I’ve discovered my love for cooking, you’ll also find restaurant guides to places, both local and abroad. I hope you’ll hop on this foodie journey with me!

Homemade lemonade girl