Where my travel journey began…

My adventures started with a trip to Ukraine back in 2008, but my ever-present wanderlust developed on my trip to Italy, Greece, and the UK in 2015. The travel bug bit me hard, to say the least.

Venice 2015

Shortly after my return, I went to college and got a diploma in Travel & Tourism. Despite my work in various parts of the industry, my true experience has come from my own adventures. Whether it be my meticulously-made itineraries, my hours of historical research, or my passion for photography, my love for the variety within this industry is as broad as it is deep. 

London 2015

I am a budget-traveler, but I do splurge when and where I want, mostly on meaningful experiences that I’ll cherish for a lifetime. You probably won’t catch me country hopping, and I don’t think I’ll ever get to see every country in the world, but it’s of my own choosing. I prefer to take things slow and dive deep and see as much as possible in one place. Discovering sights, learning cultures, and trying new things are just a few activities that excite me along my adventures. I’ve always wanted to show others that you can be a budget traveler without backpacking, and you can explore the world without being a nomad. Traveling can and should be for everybody.

Loch Ness 2016

It hurts me to my core when people don’t have the ability or freedom to move around the world. The Earth is a gift, but it should be everyone’s right to have the equal opportunity to see it. Here’s a couple of causes I feel passionate about – click on them if you would like to learn more: Days for Girls & Rainforest Alliance. With that being said, travel encourages me to cherish the world we live in and opens my mind through education.

Keukenhof 2017

While my blog has moved away from being solely a travel blog, travel and tourism remains a large part of my life and I hope to share this passion with my readers!

Ireland 2018