I’ve been saving items to fill my very own home for as long as I can remember.

My grandparents gave me a hope chest when I was just a little girl. I would place keepsakes inside, dreaming that one day they would live somewhere special, in a home that was made for me.

During high school, I got serious about moving out on my own. For every birthday and Christmas that passed, all I wanted were items to fill a home. Everything from tea kettles to toilet scrub brushes were on my list. As each year passed, I watched my belongings grow. My room filled with boxes in hopes that one day, they would be unpacked.

Eventually, I met a boy who had a similar dream.

Despite my love of travel and adventure, I’m a true homebody. My soul longed for the days filled with blanket-snuggling, book-reading, and tea-drinking in a comforting space. My boyfriend and I continued working and saving. The road to our first home was a long one, but it was so worthwhile in the end.

Home White kitchen with peonies

In the year leading up to our home,

we sought a realtor. It took us six months to find a place that was right for us. During the whole year prior to move-in, we picked up things that we would need, and even things to make our home feel special. Our decor pieces and furniture were carefully selected at various antique shops and home stores, at home and on our travels, so nothing would seem too cookie-cutter, and felt rightly just us. We wanted our home to be a place where company felt comfortable and welcome, but also a retreat just for us two.

Cate laughing sitting on counter drinking mimosa

My wish is that this little post gives a sense of how important my home is to me. I can’t wait to share every detail of the creation process.

Above all, I hope to inspire you to carefully curate your home so that it may be a place of refuge that brings you joy.